This project is dedicated to the beauty, pain and hard work of one of the most natural processes in life – breastfeeding.
When I was pregnant with my baby I wasn’t considering breastfeeding, in fact, I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be my thing. When I gave birth to my son and started to breastfeed it was so painful and exhausting that I was on the verge of quitting. Luckily my husband was by my side and was very supportive and helped me a lot to get through this tough time. So I continued to breastfeed and after some time the lactation became less painful and it started to grow on me. I enjoyed the connection with my baby and couldn’t be more happy with the fact that I was giving him the best food there is.
My son was 7 months old when my mother passed away. Suddenly a thread that was connecting me (a baby) to my mother was torn off and that amplified my awareness of the connection that I’ve had with my baby. This is when breastfeeding became a salvation for me.
When I was scouting the heroines for my project and doing short interviews with them I was looking for different experiences that women have with breastfeeding. I was frustrated to see similar and sometimes even identical answers to my questions. While there were some variations in challenges that women face while breastfeeding their babies, the benefits that everyone had described seemed to be universal: deep connection with the baby and the fact that they are getting the best milk that was designed especially for them by nature. I’e struggled with that for a while, but then I embraced that discovery and tried to capture that intimate connection that these women have with their babies. I chose women of a different age and nationality and photographed them at their safe places (home and nature). And this is what came out of it.
Thanks to people involved in this project: Jane & Ben, Lilly & Karlsson, Elena & Lea, Helen Una Otto & Hugo, Natalia Burya, Nastia Slavuta, Masha Maroz, Kristina Dulevich, Dasha Buben, Alexandra Von Fuerst.
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